[2012.08.15~08.17] Lab Summer MT

Our lab went to Mt.Jiri for Summer MT.

[2012.08.08~08.10] 2012 Social Web International Workshop

“2012 Social Web International Workshop” was held in Jeju. Our professor was the one of the organizing committee chair. Lab people who have an interest about social network participated in this workshop.

[2012.07.09~2012.07.11] ACL 2012 Jeju

Our lab people participated the ACL 2012 Jeju(July 9-11) :)

[2012.05.19] Homecoming day!

It was our homecoming day. Alumni and students shared their recent activities. :)

[2012.04.07] 제 21회 경주 벚꽃 마라톤 대회(21st GyeongJu Cherry Marathon)

Our lab people and professor participated the 21st GyeongJu Cherry Marathon. All member successfully completed their race.

  • Half : Sung-Hyon Myaeng, Jang Gwan, Jihee Ryu, Kangwook Lee, Minsu Ko, Jongbeom Kim,  Ihm Hwon, Hendra Bunyamin
  • 10km : Yoonjae Jeong
  • 5km : Sangsoo Nam, KyoungRok Jang, Jiyeon Jang,  Eunyoung Kim, Heung-Seon Oh